Global Health Network


Based on the principles of equal partnerships, equity and sustainable development our global health research is aimed to provide applied solutions and sound evidence:

  • to generate better research evidence on the health implications of policies relating to international cooperation and governance, world trade, global environmental changes and food security and to promote the integration of evidence-based health priorities and concerns into these policies;
  • to contribute to the efforts for achieving universal health coverage and health system strengthening through identifying good and best practice and through the development of evidence-informed policies;
  • to assess and understand the health potential and consequences of new health technologies, innovations and reverse-innovations in various cultural, economic, social and logistical settings;
  • to forge research collaboration between health and other disciplines and sectors with the intention of promoting integration of health into research and policies of those sectors.

With Maastricht University’s competence as one of the leading research centres for European institutions and development our research also analyses the specific role of the EU in the global health context and the policy coherence. Research on global health at Maastricht University is embedded in the collaborations with the European Academic Global Health Alliance (EAGHA) and the World Federation of Academic Institutions for Global Health (WFAIGH) in which Maastricht University plays an active role.