Global Health Network

Health Professions Education

The mission of the SHE Graduate School is to provide opportunities for professional development to health care workers involved in health professional education all around the world and to generate new knowledge about education. Through integrated programmes of excellence in education and research we aim to:

  • Contribute to innovation in health professions education and ultimately to improve health for all.
  • Professionalize health professions education through evidence-based knowledge of how learning environments can be made effective to produce competent health care workers able to provide the best of health care.
  • Educate and prepare leaders of educational innovation around the globe.

A distinct branch of international activities and collaborations “SHE Collaborates” focuses on healthcare globally, facilitating higher educational institutes in realizing educational innovation. Its aim is to maintain long-term collaborations with institutes for Higher Education in countries all over the world by means of a Demand and Dialogue approach.

The group REPRESENTATIVES are also closely involved in the two years Master of Health Professions Education programme (MHPE) which recently received the Distinctive Qualifying Feature Internationalisation from the Dutch-Flemish accreditation organisation (NVAO), as well as in thesis supervision in The School of Health Professions Education.

Research in Education

Educational research is essential for finding new and better ways to educate doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other health professionals all over the world. The general aim of all SHE research, including the PhD programme, is to provide support for research and innovation in health professions education. We focus on two main research themes: Learning and Innovative Learning Environments and Assessment and Evaluation. These themes are closely aligned with educational development within medicine and health sciences curricula.