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GH Economics, Management and Policy. PhD Experience

Several international PhD students of the Global Health Economics, Management and Policy group have already defended their PhD thesis. They are glad to share their experience. Below, some of their testimonials:

Tetiana Stepurko, Ukraine

Doing a PhD study at Health Services Research Department was an amazing experience and a very intensive period of professional and personal growth.

The most supportive element in this process was the scientific supervision which motivated me doing high-standards research. Results of this thorough the work were astounding. Comparing the Maastricht and Ukrainian experience of writing a dissertation, the distinctive feature of the Dutch experience is the inspiring research environment. I would also underline the intelligent and liberal design of a PhD studies at the Maastricht University as no cumbersome intermediate examinations are required as well as the first and the last exam - PhD defense procedure - takes place in rather good and positive atmosphere. This however does not imply that it is easier. Finally, the most important feature of a PhD study at the Maastricht University is the style of work and result-oriented performance.

Petra Baji, Hungary

It has been a great experience to work as a member of an international research team.

As a PhD student at the Department of Health Service Research, I was involved in an international research project founded by the European Commission under the excellent supervision of Maastricht University. The research-oriented PhD program required conference participations and publications in international peer-reviewed journals that enabled me to stay in academia and to pursue an academic carrier. During the program, the department provided me with high-quality infrastructure, facilitating the research and dissemination activity, as well as course participations.

Andriy Danyliv, Ukraine

External PhD program at the HSR Department is a wonderful opportunity for people like me who want or have to
stay in their own countries but would like to benefit from the excellent expertise in health related research.

I was lucky to be a part of an international research team in a EU funded project which provided for a perfect balance between supportive and competitive aspects of the research environment. Project meetings hosted in different partner institutions around Europe and ability to participate in the international health economic conferences enriched my views on the topic of the study and brought in healthy methodological criticism. I am really satisfied with the high professional level, facilitating manner, and well organized process of supervision I had over my PhD research. All these aspects made the four years of my PhD research a challenging and fascinating time of my life and a perfect platform for the research career development.