Global Health Network

Critical Studies in Global Health. Selected Research Projects

Current projects

‘Fighting global infectious diseases locally  Nora Engel

This project investigates innovation processes of point-of-care diagnostics (mainly for TB and HIV) and the role that social science insights play therein. The aim of this project is to examine how innovators of point-of-care diagnostics and delivery programs incorporate local settings and how social science notions of ‘attuning-to-local-contexts’ mediate global health innovations.

‘Science and technology for health: trajectories, visions and public good’  Lloyd Akrong and Olga Zvonareva

This research project examines the processes of drug research and development. It focuses on the social embeddedness of these processes, their relations with political cultures and societal visions of future(s), constructed alongside innovation in biomedical science and technology. Drawing on case studies conducted in Africa and Eastern Europe, this research will deepen our understanding of global politics and governance of science and technology for health.

Past projects

‘Global standards, local practices: An argument for contextual policy-making design of interventions and policy evaluation’  Mary Hadley

This project demonstrated how the use of globally defined standards and classifications to identify public health problems and to address and evaluate solutions for them results in both intended and unintended consequences as new realities are created in the process of standardization. It shows a need for a qualitative ethnographical investigation of local knowledge and practices if the standards are to support efficient use of resources for high quality health interventions and related policies.