Global Health Network

Critical Studies in Global Health

The Critical Studies in Global Health group examines the complex relationships between health, technology, power, politics, economics, socio-cultural environments and governance and reflects on the implications of these. Topics we address in our research and education work include:

  • Making science and technology work
  • Health innovations design and implementation
  • Standardization and local adaptation
  • Co-production of biomedical knowledge and society
  • Shifting meanings and significance of authority and expertise
  • Societal appraisal of science and technology
  • Public engagement and participatory approaches
  • Understanding the construction of risks and vulnerability


We bring together a diverse range of disciplines including Science and Technology Studies, Innovation Studies, Medical Anthropology, Sociology of Biomedicine and Public Health, Philosophy and Health Ethics. You can learn more about our approach here.

The Critical Studies in Global Health group members are directing and teaching the Maastricht University master's programme in Global Health. We are involved in teaching and supervision of students in a Global Health track in the research master in Health Sciences. We also offer an array of short courses in research methodology, cross-cultural communication, (health) policy analysis, and other tailor-made educational options.

As we work to address cross-border dimensions of health and disease, transcending disciplinary and geographical boundaries, we work with multiple collaborating partners in various countries and are always interested in expanding our network.

Members of our group are continuously involved in international education and research initiatives, including support and supervision of internal and external PhD candidates. If you are considering conducting a PhD study related to our topic areas, please contact us for more information.