Global Health Network

Collaborations and partnerships

Collaboration and dialogue involving mutual exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas among scholars of different disciplinary backgrounds, among different stakeholders and sectors involved in Global Health (research, policy, industry, public organisations, government, etc.) is crucial if we want to effectively tackle the complexities underlying Global health problems.  To ensure such collaboration Members of the Maastricht Global Health network share an extensive list of partners representing academia, public organisations and governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Maastricht also participates in academic key organisations such as:  European Academic Global Health Alliance (EAGHA) and the World Federation of Academic Institutions for Global Health (WFAIGH)

Maastricht University is part of the World Universities Network (WUN) that forms a global partnership of research universities. WUN addresses within its four grand challenges critical issues of Global Health; 

Moreover, Maastricht currently builds on partnerships for research and capacity building with: Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). With both organizations we have regular student exchange, PhD collaboration and capacity building.