Global Health Network

Capacity building

Global health is a still emerging and rapidly developing field with tremendous need for comprehensive capacity building in research, education and professional work force.  Our international global health partnerships and collaborations form integral part of our commitment to capacity building in global health. Global health professionals need the competences to translate research findings into practice, to effectively confront complex health issues that transcend national boundaries and to identify and/or develop health interventions that are responsive to both local and international needs and priorities.  Regular staff and student exchange, dedicated joint capacity building workshops and seminars with our partners and specifically tailored training units are designed to share best practices, strategies and lessons learned across borders. Maastricht University’s unique experience in PBL, continuous education, long distance learning and blended learning are instrumental for the success in capacity building.  In addition to training and research, faculty and students are also engaged in providing technical assistance to governments, international agencies, and non-governmental organizations.