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Innovations in medicine and public health require and facilitate cooperation, coordination and collaboration. However, working together happens neither ‘naturally’ nor smoothly. While new medical and... more
Global Health is increasingly becoming a political, professional, and academic field of its own. New players and cross-border collaborations have emerged to solve some of the world's most daunting... more
Climate change poses serious challenges for humans around the world. Global warming is perceived as one of the biggest global health risks of the twentieth century which could have a range of effects... more
Crossing boundaries is a challenge of our time. Representatives from a diverse range of disciplines and fields came together at the conference “Social Sciences and Medical Innovations” in order to... more
Personalized Medicine (PM) is often seen as the breakthrough in medicine with which we will be able  to make real progress in fighting disease on a worldwide scale. It is assumed that based on... more
The symposium was hosted by Dr. Anja Krumeich, Programme Director, M.Sc. Global Health, Dr. Agnes Meershoek, Chair Symposium Committee, Dr. Matt Commers, Programme Director, B.Sc. European Public... more
On the one hand, international governments and patient organizations welcome efforts of the private sector, since resources for research and public money on health are scarce. Moreover, businesses... more