Global Health Network

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Multidisciplinary network

Being one of the leading academic institutions that applies the “Problem-Based Learning” approach across all faculties, Maastricht University has a strong tradition of multi-disciplinary research and education. As global health is all about understanding and tackling complex multi-dimensional problems, Maastricht’s tradition of multi-disciplinarity offers an ideal setting for the study of global health. Our network aims to bring together academics with a profound involvement in global health research and education from Maastricht’s different research groups and schools. True to its multi-disciplinary mission the network not only includes research groups from Maastricht’s Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, but also from other Maastricht faculties and groups. The network functions as a platform that allows for exchange and dialogue on issues pertaining to global health and will help advancing our understanding of these complex issues. The network thus allows for a collaborative development of innovative approaches to Global Health issues and will enrich both our research and our education.



The groups, involved in the GH-Net Maastricht, work in the following thematic areas:

Global Health Economics, Management and Policy

Critical Studies in Global Health

Applied Social Psychology

Health Promotion

Health Professions Education