Global Health Network

Maastricht Global Health Network (GH-Net)

Who we are

The Maastricht Global Health Network (Maastricht GH-Net) is a multidisciplinary network of academics based in Maastricht University and active in the field of global health.

Our mission

Maastricht GH-Net is to provide a dedicated interfaculty platform that initiates and facilitates collaboration within our university (and with our global partners) for high quality multidisciplinary research, education, and capacity building, with the ultimate aim to contribute to the health of individuals and communities across the globe.

The conference «Social Sciences & Medical Innovations» (15-17 May 2014,Tomsk) organized with participation of GH-Net members attracted wide variety of participants from various disciplines and fields.

4th Annual Maastricht Symposium on Global and European Health took place on Thursday, October 9th 2014. The topic of this year is 'Climate Change and Health:Vulnerability and Responsibility in a Global and European Perspective'.

Book 'Making Global Health Care Innovations Work: Standardization and Localization' edited by members of the GH-Net is published by Palgrave Macmillan.